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Value Measurement in Health Care Delivery Process for a Paediatric Hospital in Guinea-Bissau

This project is the result of a volunteer program that took place in the Republic Guinea-Bissau (RGB) at the Paediatric Hospital. The Paediatric Hospital was working with the same technologic skills as Portugal in the 70’s years. There was no wired network between departments, no informatic system and all work was handmade. The physicians received incomplete clinical reports and, sometimes, with gross errors. There was no triage neither outpatient short list during the medical urgency period. The outpatients needed to wait for long time to get the analytical report and most time without meal or single bread. On the Clinical Analysis Laboratory, the biologic sample identification and the manual data report were lower changes to be credible and there was no final checklist. This paper describes the improvements made by the authors in the hospital logistical processes and in the development and implementation of an information system that was started in March 2018. These improvements were developed based on lean manufacturing principles, on methods and best practices for some referenced case studies from America, Saudi Arabia, Italy and England. As a result, the hospital reduced outpatient waiting time, improved Hospital, Laboratory and outpatient outcomes, increased confidence work for physicians and laboratory technics.

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